AAF Leadership Conference Aug 2-4, 2019 • Palm Island, FL

AAF Treasure Coast Seminar - July 24, 2019

The AAF Treasure Coast July 24 Seminar was a big success with Jay Krier, Federico Sandoval and Howard Beauchamp as speakers along with The On Demand Internet Media Group. The power went out at IRSC after a large storm hit the area just before the event – doors were locked down and everything stopped for over an hour. The Event came off with a night of hors d’ouvre and soft drinks at IRSC.

Jay Krier – Photography & Videography (The Compass Group)
Howard Beauchamp – Brand Essence Wheel (Brainstorm Creative)
Federico Sandoval – Elementor Website (Sandoval Marketing)
Jobe Scott Plevik & Craig Cyril – (On Demand Internet Media) 
Rhett Lloyd – (WebSuited)
Ahmad Toom – (Southern Eagle)
Gabriela Quinones – (Y225 Design Lab)
Brandon Sellers – (Sunrise Theatre, UBU Brands)
Desiree Fulton – (The BrandIt Agency)
Tristan Armstrong, Luke Forbes, Jonathan Derinor, Nick Giordano,
Luis Medina, Jaime Welcer, Shayne Roycroft


June 5-9, 2019 • Diplomat Hotel • Hollywood, FL

2019 AAF Polk County Addy Judges

The AAF Treasure Coast Footloose Gala Awards Celebration - March 1, 2019

2019 AAF Regional Addy Awards

AAF 4th District Aditude Conference May 3, 2019 • Orlando, Florida

AAF 4th District Regional Conference
May 3-5, 2019 • Disney B Resort • Orlando, FL

The Judges for the 2019 Treasure Coast Addy Awards at the Kight Center Atrium

• • •

Debbie Corson, Fort Lauderdale

Jon Metz, Daytona Beach

Tiffany L. Ryan, Orlando

AAF Treasure Coast Winter Party • February 7, 2019

AAF Treasure Coast Fall Christmas Party

AAF Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida

AAF Conference at Crystal River Plantation

AAF Admerica Conference in Chicago

AAF Admerica Conference in New Orleans