AAF 4th District 2019 Fall Conference In Tallahassee, FL

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Treasure Coast Beach Clean Up

AAF Regional Conference • Sept. 13-15, 2019
Hilton Oceanfront Hotel • Melbourne, FL

AAF Leadership Conference
Aug 2-4, 2019 • Palm Island, FL

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AAF Treasure Coast Seminar - July 24, 2019

The AAF Treasure Coast July 24 Seminar was a big success with Jay Krier, Federico Sandoval and Howard Beauchamp as speakers along with The On Demand Internet Media Group. The power went out at IRSC after a large storm hit the area just before the event – doors were locked down and everything stopped for over an hour. The Event included hors d’ouvres and soft drinks at IRSC.

Jay Krier – Photography & Videography (The Compass Group)
Howard Beauchamp – Brand Essence Wheel (Brainstorm Creative)
Federico Sandoval – Elementor Website (Sandoval Marketing)
Jobe Scott Plevik & Craig Cyril – (On Demand Internet Media) 
Rhett Lloyd – (WebSuited)
Ahmad Toom – (Southern Eagle)
Gabriela Quinones – (Y225 Design Lab)
Brandon Sellers – (Sunrise Theatre, UBU Brands)
Desiree Fulton – (The BrandIt Agency)
Tristan Armstrong, Luke Forbes, Jonathan Derinor, Nick Giordano,
Luis Medina, Jaime Welcer, Shayne Roycroft

Dustin Knotek Won Adobe's International Global Competition for Tony Hawk's Skateboard Deck

AAF Admerica 2019 • June 5- 8, 2019
Diplomat Hotel • Hollywood, FL

Activate your Creative Powers with Elementor!

Federico Sandoval

I have more than 20 years of publishing experience and have seen technologies appear and disappear. About 4 years ago when the world turned responsive something happened to website designers like me, our powers of creativity where denied.

What I mean by that is that to me websites were cookie cutters, ugly and “minimalist”, properly named since the things that could be achieved were truly “minimal”. 

Another digital wreak took place with WordPress because it’s open-source nature, anyone could build a plugin for it and pretty much everybody did. Plugins that were full of back entrances and malware were a common occurrence.  I would dread to look at my inbox, I would get up in the morning to find angry clients and violated websites. I went from having 3 servers to just 1.

That opened the door to Wix, that now has pretty much replaced the work of your local website designer. I don’t blame people for using Wix, it’s what WordPress used to be.

At least I had SEO, so I thought. When I started doing SEO people thought it was a dignified profession, there was a good connotation to the term. Now I don’t see that anymore, people began to perceive SEO professionals as a snake oil salesman and to be honest there was not some, but a lot of truth to that. Every day I get calls from “Google” asking me to update my listing or some other shenanigan. I thought I saw a statistic that claims that only 35% of the people using SEO services would recommend their current provider.

Local SEO has also been inexplicably inefficient, if you ever tried to do this full time you are going to find the name Yext, they represent a conglomerate of directories you can’t have access to unless you pay a lot of money to put your correct information in their family of directories.

Godaddy is another horrible company that spent millions during the Superbowl to promote “amazing” websites for a few dollars. The war against good design has been intense. People would pay $100 to get their grass cut but did not want to pay more than 5 bucks to host their site. The worst thing was when people would insist on using Godaddy as their hosting company. Remember, friends, don’t let friends use Godaddy.

At least we have Google, the “do no evil” company, or so I thought. I am sorry to be so negative but I most in order to help you save your business I have to come clean and be sincere. Google has been changed from being a search engine to an advertising portal. Did you know that as of June of 2019, almost half, 50% of all searches produce no clicks! Let that sink in for a moment, that means that you can be in the first page of Google and get no clicks. 4 years ago I would get calls from Vero to Boca, now my forms are mostly used by robots filling out the form with offers from third world countries offering their cheap get rich quick offers.

During the last 4 years, I have been looking for the answer and have done traditional SEO

Federico Sandoval 


Congratulations to IRSC Student Joseph Murray for Winning at the 4th District of Florida Addy Regionals in Orlando, Florida

The Artwork of Joseph Murray

AAF Regional Conference in Orlando May 3-5, 2019

Creative Director Matt Stewart at Universal and Formerly
CD at Disney Talks About His Creative Process

AAF Regional Gala - Orlando, Florida